Poor Old Shine

16 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. You were wonderful at Mitchell Farm on the 7th. Love listening to your CD in the car. Can’t wait for 9/30 at Mitchell Farm!

  2. Happened into the Wood on Sunday to find you guys…glad I did. GREAT show will be follwing . Thanks

  3. Did an AMAZING job at FRFF 2012. I really hope to see you play there again. Good luck.

  4. You have a great sound. Check out an upcoming band from michigan, the appleseed collective.

  5. I saw you guys while roaming the streets of Boston, and i loved how great you sounded together! i hope i get to see you live again soon!

  6. I saw you in Santa Rosa yesterday. I loved your sound and performance and bought both of your CD’s. I can’t wait to play them for my kids. There is one other performer who grabbed me at the first note and that was Iris Dement. You’re in good company (and so is she).

  7. howdy! i was at the heirloom expo, selling at that clothing booth, i was jus’ wonderin’ if you fellas are gonna be playing anywhere else in California???

  8. damn! i didn’t make it to Oakland, any other shows in this area??

  9. 5 put of 6, but an outstanding performance in West Hartford last night. A job well done!

  10. Saw you guys in Middle Haddam and Coventry this weekend. In total, over 5 hours of Poor Old Shine. Loved EVERY minute! Can’t wait for the next show and CD.

  11. Thank you Poor Old Shine for slogging through the snow storm last night to play in Coventry, Connecticut. You all are wonderful and I look forward to seeing you again. Happy New Year to you!

  12. You take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Loved you at First Night in Northampton. Want to hear more!

  13. A really great show at The Purple Fiddle in Thomas WV last night. Great sound. You really got the audience involved. Hope to see you again soon.

  14. You guys BLEW UP Peeptoad Coffee House in North Scituate on February 2nd. Keep up the Great Work and the rest of us should keep my eyes peeled for up-coming gigs!

  15. Great show at Shea Theater last night. Toss up between you and Heather Maloney. Both live music at its best.

  16. Looking forward to seeing you guys at Falcon Ridge.

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